When my husband passed away, I sat here in my kitchen sobbing and praying telling God, Jerry was my best friend, and I missed him so much, the man I could talk to about everything, my anchor. All of a sudden, I was aware of this light surrounding me and a warmth and hand on my shoulder. The Holy Spirit was telling me He was my anchor and was with me always. I have never felt this warmth before. So I know I am loved and God is with me.

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Thank you Donny for another prayer walk with God.While I was listening to you God gave me verses to memorize for Sunday as what I do before our worship starts.Daniel 9 will be my verses to share.Daniel 9:4. Please pray for me as I will memorize the prayer of Daniel for Sunday.I will be turning 80 on Sunday.May God gives me a good brain to share it to our congregation God bless you Donny.

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The very best part of this walk for me were the prayers themselves. You and Daniel both focused on how awesome and wonderful God is and how humble we are next to Him. In Daniel 9, what stood out for me was Daniel acknowledging so many of God's incredible characteristics all while recognizing the failings of our own humanity. We are totally dependent upon His mercy and love, His power to save us. Daniel had complete faith that God would act within His will in all things in spite of his own circumstances. What an incredible example. Donny, I've been wondering if now that you are sharing your prayer walks with all of us, do you still get time to spend some of your walks with just you and God? Has filming them compromised your special walking times or changed what the walks do for you in your relationship with Him? I sure appreciate your willingness to share these special times with this community and hope that you do still have solitary time while you go to these beautiful places.

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What a ultimate joy it was to hear you first thing this morning. Wh

Hat l love about Daniel and you is the boldness to speak about God and God’s character. The main thing Daniel did no matter the task he was given he would pray and then trust God to come through. Some are so afraid to show how much they trust God. When the situations look bleak like it did two years ago I went to my prayers and thanked God for the blessings I had. There were lions in my den. Cancer, diabetes and a child that was off course. There was and still an unholy ruler in our midst. Trusting God is my only hope and choice. Along this path I met you, Graham, Tricia, Cathey and countless others to walk along this path. Like Daniel Jesus is my only hope and reward. Thank you Donny.

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Donny, - Daniel is a real prayer warrior. That's what I would say first. In Daniel 2:19-23 that you first read, I love the way Daniel praises God. He not only praises Him, but he thanks God and states alone that He is all wisdom and power. Basically, Daniel knows and truly believes there is no other God. I agree, there isn't but only one true God.

In Daniel 9:3-19, I see Daniel is pleading for God's mercy for his people. Daniel knows the people have turned away from God. I believe he is pleading for God's mercy and forgiveness on their behalf that the people would turn from from their evil ways of worship and return back to God. Daniel's love is for God first and foremost, but the love he has for his people in praying in this loving way on their behalf is beautiful. That's what I took from this. Yes, Daniel recognizes that they are covered with shame because of their sins, but he pleads with God to deliver them. The world is in chaos because all of us in our weakness have turned away from God. The governments have, we have in our weakness have because we our human. Some more to the extent of others. It's like we're putting ourselves above God. We shouldn't, but we do. To be perfectly honest, I'm filled with flaws. I'm not perfect and don't claim to be. I'm very independent and a prideful person. But, then I'm brought to my knees so to speak when I get this way by God who loves me in spite of all this, and brings me back to Him. In this last prayer, it's like Daniel is the intercessor praying on behalf of his people. If you think about it, Jesus is the intercessor on our behalf. Hebrews 7:25 - "Therefore, he is able, once and forever, to save everyone who comes to God through him. He lives forever to plead with God on their behalf."

Jesus' love for us and Daniel's love for his people are extraordinary. To be honest, I want more of that in my life. Even while I'm writing these comments, I'm truly amazed how God has continually worked in my life during the times I've turned away temporarily, but I do believe there is someone always pleading to God on my behalf to come back to Him. For me, I know Jesus is always pleading on my behalf.

We live in a world full of evil. This is prophetic. Whether it's the government or someone else, we need to become more vigilant in our prayer. I'm speaking honestly for myself. What I do know for myself, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and I rejoice in knowing as we celebrate his death and resurrection this Easter, that I have been forgiven, and He paid the penalty of dying on that cross for my guilt and shame so I can live with Him eternally.

Thank you Donny for another amazing and enlightening prayer walk. As always, I've been truly blessed and my eyes have been opened in discovering new and amazing things and how God is speaking to me. I'm grateful to God for Him using you as a vessel to speak to us each week. God bless you my friend and to this community!

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Thank you Donny for this interesting prayer walk focusing on Daniel. There is a lot there examining the faith, loyalty, commitment, courage and perseverance of this amazing servant of God. Daniel’s actions in the face of extreme danger exemplifies how I would hope I would act. During my life I have had times that my faith was tested and I relied completely on God to see me through the trials. BUT these trials did not involve danger, death or bodily harm. I believe I have the faith to be like Daniel. I believe I would not deny my Lord for any one or any government even in the face of death. I think of the contrast of the words written on the wall for the king, “you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting” in contrast to the words “well done my good and faithful servant” in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:23. I know which words I want to hear. As I end this I want to express my gratitude to you, Donny, for your humbleness, sincerity and genuine kindness. Your love of Jesus shines through in these walks and reaches out and touches my heart. I pray for you on your journey and wish you continued blessings. The path you walk is one of true faith and love. Thank you

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Loved this walk. Wow!

Watched this twice and hubby did for a portion. Then last night read the story of Daniel to my 3 yr old granddaughter.

Oh to have the character of Daniel.

So many points you brought up that again get me thinking and going deeper.

Definitely having self control feeds into that I think. Im thinking just around him not choosing 'the king's food'. Ah the delights and distractions of the world. I am not talking about obvious ones though.

I hear you on Canada and how things seem to be going.

We are here for such a time as this. He has given us insight for these times and it is so sad how so many still can not see. Right?!

Bottom line is the enemy who is unleashed and blinded so many wants people not to really think about things and for sure slimeball doesn't want them to 'know' what is going on.

The 'church' is the target for sure. Locked down, told not to sing and some still only meeting on zoooom.

Families were separated and still some of us can not do things like freely travel to the US or visit in most nursing homes.

We are not lepers!!!

But yes as the 'next' engineered crisis comes along many are wiser and will fight back, as in not give in. We shall not compromise in whom we follow and trust. Lord find us faithful.

Help me Lord to speak the truth in love. Help me to be a light to Spread Your hope.

You are the only answer.

You are allowing these times and may we be faithful to what we are to say and do.

There is nothing better than You!

On another note, went to see Jesus Revolution! Powerful and then so promising to see that same church even in last couple of years has held baptisms and thousands coming to Christ.

Lord find us faithful.

Show me my part. Open the doors. Holy Spirit lead me, give me the words.

Donny, praying He gives you abundant encounters with people and leading then to the Lord. Aha get ready who knows when he will bring someone to you on your prayer walk and asked to be baptized. 🙏🏼✝️

After seeing you at White Rock figured Campbell Valley would be next. 🙌🏻 Beautiful park and so many lovely trails. You could easily do another one there, or Tynehead

Be blessed

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Oh boy! Now you’ve got me thinking again. I thought I was just going to get my laundry done today for a change. Ha ha!

I love retreating to the beach to commune with God every year. It is wonderful sitting in the sun, taking in God’s warmth, listening to Him – with some delicious seafood on the side. Now you’ve got me wondering if it would be a different – better experience in “sackcloth & ashes” – no food??? I’ve even read about the Indians standing in ice cold water for hours in order to reach the Spirit. The thing that’s kinda troubling me now is – is my faith strong enough to voluntarily suffer so I could talk to God, be even closer to Him – without a guarantee? ~ Jan xoxo

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I love the book of Daniel, but I haven't read it in a while, currently I've been studying the new testament.

I like the question: Have you ever prayed “Declaring the qualities of God”?

The app I use for my devotions often leads us to this, but I confess that I often don't find enough words to express the greatness of God and it has been in these moments that I have incredible experiences of surrender to God.

I love verse 17 of chapter 1 where it says God gave the four young men knowledge and intelligence, but to Daniel, God also gave understanding in visions and dreams - Spiritual Gifts (speaking in tongues, healing and especially prophecies) how it fascinates me .

Anyway, this walk will accompany me for a few days...

I'm going to read the Book of Daniel over the Easter break – I can't read the Bible quickly, sometimes I spend days on a single chapter – maybe it's a teacher's habit, but I want to believe it's the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for the walk. God bless you!

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Daniel's story is really impressive. Thanks for sharing with us Donny! God bless you!🙏❤️

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I find it reassuring and chilling, how relevant God's word is. Events from 2,500 years ago still resonate in our day and age. I'm going to make a note to share Daniel's prayer with my prayer partner next week. It touches on so many things we pray about together.

About sackcloth and ashes and fasting as preparation for prayer; the study notes in my bible say wearing sackcloth would be uncomfortable. I picture John the Baptist wearing coarse clothing, eating locusts... Fasting can be uncomfortable, or can help clear your mind. Both would have the effect of helping us focus in humility before God. My study notes also say in Job 30:19 dust and ashes are symbolic of humiliation and insignificance. Later in Job 42:6 "Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes." The symbolism of being dirty and lowly is something that I think would have a profound effect on me. So why don't I do it? Fasting as a practice has not been part of my faith walk, and I am interested in how to go about it.

As to defying unconstitutional restrictions on assembly and worship, let's just say I have been tested, and found wanting in some areas, and have grown in boldness in others.

Thank you, God, for the finished work of Christ on the cross that we remember this week. He is risen!

Blessings to you all!

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