Donny, I appreciate all these prayers walks so much as they challenge us to look into our own journey of faith. I have to say that I feel God hasn't asked me to give up absolutely everything, at any point in time thus far, but if God did ask me to give up something, I sincerely hope I would. Caregiving for my mother for three plus years was the hardest thing I've ever gone through thus far. I had to sacrifice time spent with others to be on call for a lot of those years as her health gradually went down hill. It was tough, but in the end I was blessed being able to spend quality time with her and confirming she had accepted Jesus Christ into her heart, and hearing her say finally she loved me. We actually grew closer during those years. Sometimes, we have to make a sacrifice, but in the end, there's usually a blessing or prayer answered even it took years for these two prayers to be answered. Even though I didn't get to spend as much time with my friends during that time, guess what, they were there for me when I needed a shoulder. They are still my friends today. When we fully surrender ourselves to God, I feel we have the desire to make the necessary sacrifice. It all starts with our faith and trusting God that His way is best. Donny, thanks again for another thought provoking prayer walk. Take care and God bless!

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I've not been in the place of having lost everything. I have lost some big things at different times and I think what those times taught me was to hold everything in this life somewhat loosely. It's hard not to hold onto people tightly, but having lost a child, I came to understand that nothing is guaranteed no matter how tightly you hold on. Everything we have is God's, including our kids. I think all of us have different callings. I followed a pretty big scary one two years ago (but I wrestled with it!) and I like to think if God called me to do something completely sacrificial to follow His call, I would. The step I took taught me that He knows best and He will take care of us if we are obedient when He says, "Go!". BTW, the scenery on the walk today was stunning. An inspiring place for a prayer walk! Thanks for the difficult questions that make me lean into my faith even harder. Praying for you, Donny, that you will soon know when to "Go!"

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I always appreciate these walks and look so forward to them. I’m near 69 and do remember giving up everything to follow Jesus and move into a church with 8 other people. I had had an apartment and my last little dog. My dog went to live with my brother. My parents had moved to Florida and the only one I could trust to be with me was Jesus. I had a new car but it was hit in a head on collision and I lost it. I almost went to Israel but God would not allow that door to open. So I have always been willing to give up everything. What I know God wants of me is to give abundantly and wait on His hand to fill me with what He knows I need not my wants. So I love deeply and let go of things I don’t really need. They say you can’t take it with you so I would rather take a hand of a friend to go with me.

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Donny thank you for another thought provoking Prayer Walk. I have to say I have never been in a position where I have had to give everything up and rely totally on Jesus. When I was Praying the things under Faith in Motion the words to the following song came to meso I would say they speak of where I have been and where I want to go in my walk with Jesus.

"Lord Have Mercy"

Jesus, I've forgotten the words that You have spoken

Promises that burned within my heart have now grown dim

With a doubting heart I follow the paths of earthly wisdom

Forgive me for my unbelief

Renew the fire again

Lord have mercy

Christ have mercy

Lord have mercy on me

I have built an altar where I worship things of men

I have taken journeys that have drawn me far from You

Now I am returning to Your mercies ever flowing

Pardon my transgressions

Help me love You again

I have longed to know You & Your tender mercies

Like a river of forgiveness ever flowing without end

I bow my heart before You in the goodness of Your presence

Your grace forever shining

Like a beacon in the night

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The first thing I want to say Donny, is that all of these areas that you are taking us to for the Prayer Walks are just gorgeous. Thank You for sharing them.

I guess I did things in reverse. My faith was pretty well gone. My husband was atheist and I just didn't "feel" it I suppose. Then I lost my husband of 46 years. I lost my best friend, my whole world. Thats when I turned to faith. We had moved South to be closer to my daughter when the time came. I found a Church and I truly feel thats what got me through those years following his death. I guess I have to say that my faith still does get me through. I have a close girlfriend whose faith is very strong. She was a big help as well.

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The few times my head has overruled my heart things have never ended in a good way. Great losses hurt but moving through them has produced growth and stronger ties with my faith. Material things don’t feed the soul. Fellowship around the dinner table is always a good place to start.

Your prayer walks are awesome. Thank you for sharing. Love ya❤️

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Donny I have never lost everything tangible in my life, but often at an early point in my marriage I begin to pray to God asking “should I stay or should I go?” As cliche as that sounds I always would feel him saying “stay” . I feel like our Faith comes in stages like the seasons. At times I feel like I could move mountains and at times I feel hopeless. But Each time I look into my daughters eyes I see hope, faith and love . Until you have felt like you heart could bust with so much emotion just in a glimpse into your child’s eyes, then YOU KNOW God is using you to sow a seed, to show your compassion for Jesus Christ. I have watched Cheyenne grow in her Faith so much recently, God willing we will be at a new church this Sunday morning per her request and Cailyn asks more about Jesus as she’s getting older. Giving up “everything” in this life would be difficult for me because my family is the reason I have “stayed”. And I know he is using me for them . Thank you Donny for always putting our Faith in Motion 🙏

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Thank you Donny for another inspirational prayer walk. Beautiful scenery, although it looked cold. Brrr. My first few years of marriage were a challenge financially and full of uncertainty. They included my husband being drafted into the Army, leading to his decision to study to be a military chaplain, which meant many challenging years of being a student. While still in school my husband got a state job as a chaplain at a home for orphaned/wards of the state. Housing, benefits, longterm stability, great pay, flexible schedule and reimbursement to continue graduate studies all provided. Everything we had prayed for. We had “everything” we needed and wanted or so we thought. The state suddenly made a policy change that affected the children at the home that was in our belief contrary to biblical teachings. We decided to leave and suffer the financial consequences. We have been married 51 years and God has never failed to take care of us, to provide for us, bless us, help us reach our goals. Were there lean times, worries, health issues, trials, challenges, long military deployments as a chaplain, yes, life still happened. But the blessings, family, love, joy, peace, and faith have made our life a journey far beyond what we could have imagined when we started out. God knows our hearts. His love abounds. In our older years we still seek Him first. Thank you again Donny. God bless you on your journey for the Lord.

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There’s no doubt in my mind I would sacrifice my life for my children & husband. I’m pretty sure I’d think twice about sacrificing it for God. Tells me a lot about my faith -- or lack of. Thought-provoking...

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Really what gave me is a giving spirit.

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Donny, have listened to this prayer walk three times since yesterday. Your questions have me reflecting on my walk with the Lord.

There was a time I felt I had lost everything, when my husband passed away. My whole world was turned upside down, didn’t want to go on, felt couldn’t do it, didn’t know where to go. It was then I learned that I had my plan but God had His plan for me. Took me a couple of years to realize this, God had been with me the whole time...I wasn’t listening.

Currently I believe that God is calling me to be where I am, resting here in this place, where He sent me three years ago. There have been new opportunities given to me to serve God in this place, sharing my faith and His love through my actions. This past year I’ve taken more time to listen and find the guidance for my journey.

Your walks as I’ve said, have been challenging me, helping me strengthen my faith...appreciate every one of them. Donny continued prayers for you on your journey to back to the states..many blessings ahead for you!

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Donny, your walk stirs up many thoughts. I was raised in a dysfunctional poor home, so I know what it is like not to have material things and little food. But it wasn’t a personal choice to give it up.

I know what it is like to have lost everything regarding loved ones—a 25-year-old granddaughter and, three years later, a husband of 55 years. Learning life is fragile and fleeting; tomorrow is promised to no one, and survival is possible only through faith and trust in God when all is lost. “

Would I give everything up and go share the message of Jesus? The easy, quick religious answer for most people is yes. But the Wisdom applied response should be IF God said go, I would go. Test the spirit. Our desires and other people can influence our actions. (I could explain this statement if we could sit and have a discussion) If God instructed, sell everything, then give it up. But Wisdom also says giving up everything to share Jesus is unnecessary. It comes down to listening to God, knowing his voice, and being willing to obey.

Don’t doubt that you are making a difference in people’s life doing what you are doing. Sharing scripture, your convictions, and your love for Jesus is a ministry to a lost, confused, needing answers world. Thank you!

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Once again, very thought provoking. Thank you sooo much for challenging us. We need these promptings...

I do anyways.

The last three years, especially last year has really brought me to the place of realizing so much in this world is meaningless. The more I have the more I am bound. But to just sell or give away and walk it not what I am feeling. I know I need to be faithful to my husband, kids and grabddaughter. Then to those in the body I serve in many ways.

I still struggle sooo much with sharing my faith more boldly. Yes, I do and I write locally and each month have been prompted to share more each time of Jesus Christ being our only hope.

I really do feel bogged down by this world but alive whenever I can love my family and those I know and meet.

My soul glorys in Him alone!!

Thank you.

On another note... this was amazing because this morning myself, my daughter and three year old granddaughter, with the dog, went for a walk at Buntzen!! 💎 Kind of laughing at myself being focused on my family and the dog thinking we couldve passed you and my 'mom mode' oblivious!

It is a beautiful spot. (Although we walked the east side on trail to the North Beach... only made it to Elderberry Creek the little one was getting tired and hungry)

The Lord biggest blessings upon you. May He pour out abundantly above all you ask or imagine. His Shekinah Glory!

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Donny such a great prayer walk this week. If I ask God to give me something it would be faith and courage. I do have faith in God but courage is a different story. So I will pray to him to give me courage in my heart. Thanks Donny 🙏🏻

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Hoo boy, sticky subject, bound to cause friction. You really stepped in it on this walk.

How in the world does one go about doing what is proposed here? Seriously, how is it possible to walk away from a future that is relatively financially secure , a future one has toiled decades to set up, then wander into the unknown with nothing there to back you up? I can't do it.

There was a time when I was flat out broke, owned nothing other than a broken down car that served as a shelter. Had no options other than truly trusting Jesus to assist me every day to get by, which he did by bringing people in and out of my journey. I trusted the Lord with my needs because it was the only hope I had. He did the impossible. He also provided me a way to never have to go back there, and I appreciate it every single day. I can't go back.

It seems as though it was promised to me that I wouldn't have to go back there, to live like that again because he provided me a way to not have to go back to that darkness, hopelessness. I can't do it.

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Thank you for this beautiful prayer walk Donny, wow this questions? Where do I start? First I will be praying for you that soon you get news and you get to go. The most I can recall were when I lost my two pregnancy “stillborn “ 2 years apart. First boy at 33 weeks two years later boy #2 at 30 weeks.I ask God why ? and he given me the answer two years later he gifted me a healthy baby boy and tomorrow he will be 38 years old. God has a plan we all been effected by life’s storms to some degree but the best shelter ,the one that can protect you,cancel plans of attack by the enemy,keep you dry and safe is God’s word. My purpose with Philippians 4:13 says, “ I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” He didn’t say you might make it ,He didn’t say some things,,He said ALL things ! Here are my five words (1) I have a purpose Romans 8:28 (2) I have His prayers Hebrews 7:25 (3) I have His presence You have this promise from the Lord in Exodus 33:14(4) I have His peace Philippians 4:6-7(5) I have His power Jesus is not new to calming storms, in Luke 8:23-25 he rebuked the storms,,he ceased the winds and calmed the seas. In Mark 6:51 the storm calmed by what? #3 His presence alone! God gave us does not make us timid, but give us power,love and self- discipline . Today may you be reassured,be renewed,strengthened,today may you feel a sense of peace ,purpose and though we may not understand every storm- may rise above and come out stronger.Lord let your presence be tangible to us all today, in Jesus name. Amen.

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